PBX, VoIP, Online Fax for Small Business

A PBX system, once only affordable by large corporations, is now being enjoyed by small and mid-sized businesses thanks to significant cost savings provided by technological advances and the Internet. PBX, short for Private Branch Exchange, gives businesses a complete internal office phone system for multiple phones. What’s more, with PBX service providers, businesses do not have to purchase or install PBX equipment, opting instead to subscribe to a monthly plan.

The Integration of PBX, VoIP, Online Fax

Advances in Internet technology introduced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a new way to communicate by phone. Rather than use traditional phone lines, VoIP uses secure Internet Protocols to transmit phone calls. The development of VoIP also brought with it VoIP PBX and online fax, technologies that make it possible to send and receive voice calls and faxes over the Internet at faster speeds and lower costs than phone lines. The technology is provided by VoIP service providers who offer monthly plans to businesses, as well as residences.

Choices To Enhance Business Functions

With the Internet powering telecommunications, businesses now have a choice in how they set up their phone system and fax. The options include:

1. Keeping their existing phones and using virtual PBX to manage call routing and voice mail.

2. Switching to a VoIP PBX phone system that includes internet fax for all inbound and outbound calls and faxes.

Feature Rich Services

With service providers that offer PBX, VoIP and fax online, businesses can take advantage of business-enhancing features that they would otherwise be unable to afford. These include a toll-free number, one single number customers can call to reach anyone in the company, call distribution to the applicable department, the ability for employees to access the PBX system from other telecommunications devices, such as their mobile phones, and easily moving and removing employees from the telephone system.

In addition, the single network for voice and data provides flexible configuration of the system as well as system management through a Web browser. With an Internet supported PBX system, businesses benefit from a virtual phone system that can be used at the office, at home, or when traveling.

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